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Case Ranch News

2021 Promotional Video

2021 Case Ranch Promotional Video :   This is a video about the 2021 upcoming production sale along with an overview of the Case Ranch operation.  

2021 Superior Sunrise Interview with Pete Case

Pete is interviewed about the 2021 upcoming production sale. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipaa6RqPt2c

Pete on Superior Sunrise

Pete Case discusses the operations at Case Ranch over the years and highlights some of the bulls available at the upcoming production sale.

The Eldorado Success

Thunderstorm-sparked Wildfires Hit Case Ranch

Thunderstorms swept across Schleicher County (Texas) and cloud-to-ground lightning sparked several wildfires which feasted on the waist-high grass and broom weed. (Courtesy The Eldorado Success, © 2016.)

Racine Journal Times Article

Case family returns to their Racine roots

RACINE — His great-great grandfather was Jerome Increase Case, founder of the legendary J.I. Case Company.

Case Ranch, Case Legacy, Texas Farm Bureau

Case Legacy by Texas Farm Bureau

Texas farmers and ranchers know about legacy but on the Pete Case ranch near Eldorado, the family roots run a little deeper. Nathan Smith tells us more. View video on YouTube